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Easter Jeep Safari Weekend | Friday

Friday, April 10, 2009

I had it all this last weekend…sun, dust, rain, snow, sleet and hail. The weekend started out on Friday morning for me with a quick trip to the vendor show at the Old Spanish Trail Arena. From there I gassed up and headed south of Moab, away from the EJS crowds. My destination on this dry and sunny day was to explore some of the trails in the Cameo Cliffs North area.

Just one warning before I get into the trip. I did not break out my DSLR once this trip. I just wasn’t feeling it, and just stuck with my point & shoot this trip.

I started out heading east on Browns Hole Road and taking a left onto the Benchland Trail. This trail would take me to an overlook of Muleshoe Canyon. Much of the trail was easy, but there were a few washed out sections to keep it interesting.


The trail above Muleshoe Canyon


Eventually this trail ends and you have to turn around. On my way back out, I took a short connecting trail that took me to Highline Road and then over to Black Ridge Road. There are great views of the La Sals from this area.


I ended up taking Black Ridge Road up to the point where the microwave tower is located.


Before heading back down, I followed the short Black Ridge Point loop that takes you out to a nice overlook. It was a fast two-track most of the way.


After taking Black Ridge Road down to the highway….and passing by the very busy Area BFE, my next stop was a short loop off the highway named the Cave Trail.

This short loop follows closely to the ‘Cameo Cliffs’


This loop is actually an old section of highway that was used before the current US 191 was constructed. There is an old bridge that is crossed.



Muleshoe Canyon was the trail I had been looking forward to checking out all day, and that’s where I headed to next It’s not a long trail, but the scenery was great.




I was planning on heading back into town to fuel up and grab some dinner before I headed even further south to find a campsite, but I still had plenty of time, so I made the short drive up to Prostitute Butte to check out Balcony Arch and Picture Frame Arch, first.



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