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Headed Back to Silverton

IntrepidXpedition 2007 | Day 9
Friday, July 27, 2007

After a few days up in Grand Junction, I was headed back down to Silverton for the dinner and raffle the Colorado Chapter of NAXJA was putting on for ColoradoFest. Before I left the area, I had a few places I wanted to explore on my way south. I started off by heading to the Colorado National Monument.


I did a little sight-seeing along the paved road through the monument, including Independence Monument.

After checking out the sites in the monument I headed up Black Ridge Road, which leads to Rattlesnake Canyon.


Looking down into Rattlesnake Canyon


Once at the end of the road, you come across the hiking trailhead for Rattlesnake Canyon. Hiking is the only way into the canyon. I am hoping to head back another time to hike the trail.

I did manage to spot West Rim Arch from above on the opposite rim.

After heading back out through the monument, I was on my way south again towards Silverton.

Taking the backroads to Owl Creek Pass….storm clouds were moving in again.

Made it to the pass

Passed by Chimney Rock

After passing Chimney Rock it started raining on and off pretty good the rest of the evening. After making it back to Ouray I started to make my way towards Silverton and the rain was still coming down pretty good. When I made it to Bear Creek Falls, the creek was moving pretty quickly and was dark with mud. When I walked over the bridge it was shaking from the moving water below.


A little further down the highway, I ran across a rock slide caused by the rain. My lane was impassable, so we had to take turns getting by in the opposite lane. Eventually I did make it back to Silverton, and had a great dinner out of the rain.

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