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The Langstraat Mug

In case you missed it at the end of my trip report to Coyote Buttes South, while I was out exploring the area I managed to find an ancient Anasazi mug with an animal effigy for a handle that was just barely sticking out of the sand. Below are a few photos of the mug which will eventually be on display at the BLM Visitor Center in St. George.

The Langstraat Mug

Ancient Mug

A closer look at the animal effigy handle. The ears appeared to be broken off, so I’m not quite sure what animal it’s supposed to represent?

Animal Effigy Handle

The Effigy Mug

Here is my hand in the photo to help show the scale. It’s a little bit larger than a standard coffee mug.

Effigy Mug Scale

>> The Langstraat Mug Photo Gallery

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