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Coal Gulch on Memorial Day

Memorial Day | Monday, May 26, 2008

Went out and did a little local exploring for a few hours today. I headed up through Fruita and into Coal Gulch and took that up onto Ross Ridge. I initially passed the turnoff for Coal Gulch and had to turn around, but I did find a side trail I am going to have to research and head back to checkout.

After finding the right road, I started heading up into the Book Cliffs. The trail started out easy and got rougher the higher you climbed. There are also a number of side trails along this route that I will have to get back to.

Once I made it to Ross Ridge, the trail got very rough, steep and narrow. The trail eventually dead-ends at a nice overlook of Grand Valley. Here’s a few pictures from my adventure.

One of the side trails I will have to get back to

Climbing out of Coal Gulch

Book Cliffs

Very steep, narrow and rutted out

The trail down into Hunter Canyon (21 Road)

Coal mine

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