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A Swell Birthday Weekend

Saturday & Sunday, February 11-12, 2017

Since Saturday was my birthday, we decided to spend the weekend in the San Rafael Swell based out of Green River to celebrate. We ended up visiting a bunch of rock art sites that I hadn’t been to in a while and that Diane had never been to (much like our day trip to Moab a few weeks ago), but we also found a couple of new sites. I had hoped to visit more new sites on this trip, but the roads in those areas were still pretty muddy, so we stuck to the drier areas of the Swell along the San Rafael Reef. Of course, I made sure to have a birthday burger from Ray’s on Saturday evening! Here are plenty of photos from the weekend…

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An Unexpected Surprise

San Rafael Swell Rock Art IV | The Unexpected Panel
Sunday, June 19, 2011

Originally this hiking trip in the San Rafael Swell was put together to so that I could meet up with my friend Philippe while he was out on a long trip to the Southwest, but it ended up being a very memorable and unique experience for me. I usually try to do a little research and planning when I am going to be exploring a new area, but other than knowing the general area we would be in, I left all the planning up to Philippe. On top of that, I knew we would be making a loop out of the hike, but I didn’t even know how long it would be. It turns out that we hiked about 12.5 miles round trip. Luckily, everything worked out great in the end! Our goal for the day was to find and visit four different rock art sites along the way, but unfortunately we only found one of those four. However, we did end up stumbling upon a different Barrier Canyon Style pictograph site that we were not expecting, which was very exciting!