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Year in Concerts 2018

Since I’m pretty sure Diane and I went to our last concert of the year last night, I guess now is a good time to share my annual year in concerts post that highlights all the shows we went to throughout the year! While we didn’t go to as many concerts this year as we have the past couple of years, we still went to a lot of good ones, including the final Warped Tour in Salt Lake City and Breaking Benjamin and Nothing More in Albuquerque. I will say that February of next year is already shaping up to be a busy month of concerts for us since we have tickets to see four of our favorite bands in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City!

Below are the posters from all of the concerts we attended this year in order. You can check out our previous years at the following links:  [2017]  [2016]  [2015]

>> January // Grand Junction, CO

These Fading Visions 2018

>> April // Grand Junction, CO

Black Map

>> May // Grand Junction, CO

Trapt Acoustic 2018

>> June // Grand Junction, CO

Nonpoint 2018

>> June // Grand Junction, CO

Silent Theory 2018

>> June // Salt Lake City, UT

Warped Tour 2018

>> July // Grand Junction, CO

New Years Day

>> July // Grand Junction, CO

Light The Torch 2018

>> July // Albuquerque, NM


>> August // Grand Junction, CO

Butcher Babies 2018

>> September // Salt Lake City, UT

Hard Feelings Tour 2018

>> December // Grand Junction, CO

Capsize 2018

>> December // Grand Junction, CO

Devour The Day 2018