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Unexpected Panel

Unexpected Panel

Here’s a Barrier Canyon Style pictograph panel that my friend Philippe and I ‘unexpectedly’ came across while searching out some rock art in the San Rafael Swell. It’s an amazing panel and we both spent a good amount of time examining all the fine details. One thing I noticed while visiting this panel and searching the surrounding area for more rock art is that there was no footpath leading to this panel…not even a footprint anywhere around.

When I got home, I asked around to see if this panel had a name, and to my surprise, I was unable to find anyone else who has seen this panel before! While I am sure that we are not the first people to stumble across this panel, it’s kind of cool to find out that it’s not very well known at all.

This is an overview photo of the very large, tall and complex panel. I have other closeup shots of the different sections that I will probably post here in the future!

Get out there and start exploring… you never know what you might find!

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