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Navajo Nation Backpacking Cancelled

I figured it might be a good idea to keep track of the trips I had planned during this COVID-19 pandemic that have been cancelled so I can look back in the future to remember how things unfolded. Kind of like a journal or diary.

Anyway, today is really the first time since the Colorado Stay-At-Home Order was issued that it’s going to be impacting a trip that I had planned. Starting today Jared, Dave and myself were supposed to begin our annual spring backpacking trip. It was going to be a four day backpacking trip on the Navajo Nation that I got permits for back in January. This was going to be a change of pace from our usual Cedar Mesa and Canyonlands backpacking trips, and we were really looking forward to it. We knew this trip was most likely going to be cancelled back on March 14th when all the Navajo Tribal Parks were closed to the public. Later in March a lockdown was ordered on the Navajo Nation along with a curfew, so then we knew there was no way this trip was still happening. Hopefully we will be able to reschedule this trip together at a future date!