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Favorite Albums of 2018

Update 12/4/2018: Since it doesn’t look like there are any more album releases in the next couple of weeks that have the possibility of making my favorites list (at least for this year, since I need time to listen to them), I think this is going to be the final list of my favorite albums of 2018 and I’ve now bumped it back up to the beginning of the blog! This year I also decided to include EP’s on the list since there were some good ones. I’ve got to say, there were a lot of albums that surprised me this year and I’ve been listening to the ones below quite a bit!

If you have followed along with my microBLOG on this site over the past couple of years you might have noticed that I try to attend a lot of concerts throughout the year when I can, although that doesn’t seem to be working out too well for me this year. Besides spending much of my free time exploring the Colorado Plateau, music is also an important part of my life. Typically, I make a post at the end of the year highlighting my favorite albums that came out during the year, but this year I’ve decided to change that up and am going to post my list starting now since a number of great albums have already come out. I will continue to update this post throughout the rest of the year and will bump it back up to the top at the end of the year when the list is complete. If you are into hard rock and heavy metal music at all, you might want to check out some of these bands and albums!

I have listed my favorite albums of 2018 below in the order that they were released. You can also check out my picks from previous years by following these links:  [2017]  [2016]  [2015]  [2014]


>> Of Mice & Men // Defy


>> For The Fallen Dreams // Six


>> Savage Hands // Barely Alive


>> blessthefall // Hard Feelings


>> Breaking Benjamin // Ember

BB 2018

>> From Ashes To New // The Future


>> The Word Alive // Violent Noise


>> Parkway Drive // Reverence


>> Rise Among Rivals // Rise Among Rivals

RAR 2018

>> Like A Storm // Catacombs


>> Hyro The Hero // Flagged Channel


>> Bullet For My Valentine // Gravity

BFMV 2018

>> The Amity Affliction // Misery


>> From Inside // When I’m Breathing Without You


>> Beartooth // Disease


>> Sylar // Seasons


>> Atreyu // In Our Wake


>> Architects // Holy Hell