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Kokopelli Loops: Lion’s Loop to Troy Built Loop

After Work Adventures | Tuesday, November 14, 2023

After work this afternoon I returned for the third straight week in a row to the Kokopelli Loops on Mack Ridge so I could hike yet another section of the Kokopelli Trail. This time I started out from the Lions Trailhead between Loma and Mack and followed the Lion’s Loop Trail for about three miles to it’s junction with the Troy Built Trail and then returned the way I had come. This trail followed a bench above the Colorado River in Horsethief Canyon which offered some nice views along the way, especially at sunset. The hike ended up being about 6 miles in length and I returned to my Jeep just as the sun was setting for the day, so I was able to squeeze it all in before darkness set in. Here are a couple photos from the short hike.

A view of Mack Ridge as I left the trailhead and followed Lion’s Loop.

Mack Ridge

Following the ledge below Mack Ridge.

Lion's Loop Ledges

It wasn’t long until I had my first view of the Colorado River below.

Colorado River

Lion’s Loop Trail

Lion's Loop Trail

Horsethief Canyon Views

Horsethief Canyon

Ledge View

Kokopelli Trail View

Golden Hour on the Kokopelli Trail

Golden Hour on the Kokopelli Trail

Golden Landscape

>> Lion’s Loop to Troy Built Loop Photo Gallery

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  1. SteveR
    SteveR November 20, 2023

    Love (and miss) that late day desert light!

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