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Ribbon Canyon Narrows

Bangs Canyon Recreation Area
Wednesday, April 29, 2020

This evening after work Diane and I went on a short hike into the narrows of Ribbon Canyon in the Bangs Canyon Recreation Area. Even though I had just hiked into this canyon about two weeks ago, Diane was not with me that day and I wanted to bring her back to visit this nice little canyon that’s close to home. The temperature out was in the mid-80’s this afternoon and the sky was clear, so the sun was blazing! It was a pretty warm hike along the trail until we reached the shaded canyon, where it was much more pleasant. Since I was just here recently I didn’t take my camera out very much on this visit, but I did take a couple of shots while we were in the narrows of the canyon.

Walking through Ribbon Canyon

Entering The Canyon

This pool was a bit larger the last time I was here.

Smaller Pool

Entering the narrows…

Narrows Entrance

Sandstone Corridor

Sandstone Corridor

We saw quite a lot of Indian Paintbrush along the way, so I took a photo of this nice patch in the shaded narrows.

Indian Paintbrush

The light was bouncing around nicely while we were in the canyon.

Narrow Canyon

Hiking through the narrows.

Through The Narrows

After wandering around for a little while it was starting to get late and time to head back home.

Headed Back Out

Ribbon Canyon Narrows

Ribbon Canyon Narrows

Boulder Jumble

Boulder Jumble

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  1. bogdan
    bogdan May 17, 2020

    This is a great report an amazing photography. I plan to take my family on this canyon soon but we wanted to know if there is another canyon that we could hike in the area -dry and no rapelling. We are all in good shape-runners and soccer players. I also took a canyonering class so I am aware of the hazards especially flash flooding. Thank you. Bogdan

    • Randy Langstraat
      Randy Langstraat May 19, 2020

      There aren’t many canyons like this in the area, but you could always hike through Rough Canyon while you are in the area.

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