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Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Old Hundred Gold Mine Tours

I’ve been driving by the Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour near Silverton every summer for over a decade now, and every time I do I always think to myself that I should stop by and check it out sometime. Usually I have other plans and am headed elsewhere, so I never do. Since my family from out of town has been visiting me for the past few days, they wanted to go to the Ouray Hot Springs this morning and then drive over Red Mountain Pass so they could go on the Mine Tour and get dinner in Silverton afterwards. Since Diane and I have been tagging along with them wherever they want to go, we finally got our chance to check out this tour. I must say, it was pretty cool and very informative if you are at all interested in the old mines found in the region. For those who are not familiar, this particular tour lasts about one hour and takes you 1/3 of a mile into the heart of 13,300 foot Galena Mountain where you can follow the vein and see real mining equipment in action. I took a number of photos during the tour that you can check out below.

Welcome to the Old Hundred Gold Mine. I’ve driven by this mine many times over the years (just as recently as this past June), but this is the first time I have stopped. Macomber Peak (13,222) and Hematite Gulch are visible in the background over Cunningham Gulch.

Old Hundred Gold Mine

You have to wear a jacket and hard hat while on the tour. Safety first!

Tour Gear

The Old Hundred Tunnel that we would take us into the heart of Galena Mountain on an electric mine train.

Old Hundred Tunnel

Diane pans for gold in the sluice boxes near the tunnel as we waited for the tour to begin.

Gold Panning

After riding the train into the mountain we went walking through a loop of tunnels.

Leaving The Train

Tools of the Trade. Our tour guide started up a few of the powered tools and they were very loud.

Tools Of The Trade

The old system of communication used for the hoist.


The Hoist

Going Up

Walking through the lower tunnel with an open shaft above.

Upper & Lower Tunnels




The drilling pattern and blasting process was explained.

Ready To Blast

I liked the warm and cool tones of the lights in this tunnel.

Tunnel View

Old Hundred Mucking Machine

Old Hundred Mucking Machine

Diane took this short video of the mucking machine in operation.

Leaving the tunnels behind as we got back on the train for our ride back out of the mountain.

Lighted Mine Tunnel

I took this short video of the train leaving the tunnel. It was actually moving pretty fast and the ceiling was pretty low, so you definitely didn’t want to stand up or lean out of the cart!

>> Old Hundred Gold Mine Tour Photo Gallery


  1. evelyn johnson
    evelyn johnson July 26, 2018

    Thanks Randy! Very interesting….I have been wanting to go there for a long time too.

  2. Stephanie Barnard
    Stephanie Barnard July 30, 2018

    You might also like the mining tour in Creede.

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