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Gold Star Canyon Sunset

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

All day long there had been nice clouds floating through the sky, so when I finally left work in the late afternoon I thought it might be a good idea to take a short hike into Gold Star Canyon in the Colorado National Monument to photograph the sunset. I have been trying for years to get a nice photo at sunset from this location without success and I hoped that my luck would change this evening. When I first arrived in the canyon there were still a few nice clouds above the point of Monument Mesa and I was hopeful, but soon they all moved further to the west and left me with another clear sky. I guess I will have to continue trying when I can…

Just a few nice clouds are left above Monument Mesa when I first arrived at my viewpoint in Gold Star Canyon. They would all soon disappear…

Monument Mesa Point

I did have a nice view of the sunset over the Grand Valley towards the Grand Mesa, though. Here’s a wide panorama of the scene.

Grand Mesa Sunset Pano

A closer look at Mount Garfield, Chalk Mountain and the Grand Mesa at sunset. You can see the headlights on the stream of cars heading home after work on Patterson Road below.

Grand Valley Sunset

I stuck around for about 20-30 minutes after sunset in hopes of a nice glow on the sandstone, but it never really happened this evening.

Gold Star Canyon at Dusk

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