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Red Man of Timpie Valley

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Red Man of Timpie Valley
The Red Man of Timpie Valley.

While Diane and I were in Salt Lake City this weekend, we met up with Dave and Jared on Sunday morning so we could drive out and visit the Red Man of Timpie Valley pictograph. I had never driven west on I-80 before so it was interesting to see the southern end of the Great Salt Lake as we made our way to the trailhead. When we reached the trailhead and got our of our vehicles we were immediately swarmed by mosquitoes. They were everywhere! We tried to keep moving quickly in order to keep them off of us as we climbed up to the cave that contained the rock art, but it was pretty steep and we had to stop a couple of times to catch our breath. Luckily, once inside the cave the mosquitoes left us alone and we were able to enjoy the view until we left again.

Diane’s Edge got us to the trailhead with no problems.


Close-up of the Red Man pictograph.

Red Man

Jared and the Red Man for scale.

Jared for Scale

Jared outside the entrance to the cave with the Great Salt Lake and Stansbury Island in the distance.


The view of Stansbury Island over I-80.

Stansburry Island

After visiting the remarkable pictograph, we carefully climbed back down the steep slope to our vehicles without slipping on the wet grass. We made it down just in time since it looked like another storm was moving into the area. We quickly got back into our vehicles before the mosquitoes could eat us alive.

Dave carefully hikes back down the steep slope to our vehicles waiting below.

Going Back Down

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