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Coyote Buttes South

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A few months back I scored another set of permits to Coyote Buttes North and The Wave. Since I was going to be down here for that, I decided to grab a pair of permits to Coyote Buttes South and make a weekend out of it. This was my first trip to Coyote Buttes South, and I know it definitely won’t be my last!

My friend Jackson and I got an early start on Saturday morning and started driving south to the Paria Plateau. Once we were over the border in Utah I noticed that there was probably going to be a great sunrise. I pulled off the highway just before the sun came up and took this photo of my Jeep with a very colorful sky.

Cisco Desert Sunrise by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

We eventually reached the trailhead at Cottonwood Cove and started exploring the area.

Cottonwood Cove by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

There is plenty of colorful sandstone around here. We had some nice skies early in the afternoon.

Lines & Clouds by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Sandstone Bowl by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Leading Lines by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Sandstone View by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Jackson explores the many sandstone formations in the area.

Jackson in CBS by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

There seemed to be subtle stripes everywhere we looked.

Stripes by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Great views all around.

Coyote Buttes South by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Interesting formations everywhere we looked, including this small arch.

Small Arch by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

On Top by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Jackson taking photos from above.

Photographer by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

We eventually found our way over to the formation known as the Control Tower.

Control Tower by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Jackson hangs over the edge of a cliff for a shot.

Over the Edge by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

View by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Racetrack by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Lines & Buttes by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

We ended the day at a very unique and interesting boulder known as the Half & Half. It’s pretty cool.

Half & Half by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

We stuck around the area hoping for a colorful sunset, but the clouds had become thicker throughout the day and it never happened.

Half Scene by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

We hiked back to the Jeep and drove out in the dark. We made our way to Page for the night and met up with our friend Stan for dinner before getting back to our hotel and getting some sleep. It was a fun day exploring a new area.

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