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Colorado National Monument Sunrise

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Since I was home this Saturday, I decided to get up early and head over to the Colorado National Monument to catch the sunrise with my camera. I hiked along the lower portion of the Liberty Cap Trail and took a few photos along the way.

The main reason I got up for sunrise was so that I could catch the first light of the day striking the sandstone cliffs of the Monument as the sun came up over the Grand Mesa behind me.

Cold Monument Sunrise by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Once the sun was up I stuck around for a few more photos with nice golden light.

Slope by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

It was a nice surprise to find the moon above the Monument while I was there.

Moon Over the Monument by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

Here’s a closer look at the Waning Gibbous moon high above.

Waning Gibbous by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

View through the haze across the Grand Valley to the Book Cliffs.

Across the Valley by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

I took this photo of the Liberty Cap Trail sign with the cliffs of the Monument towering behind just before hopping back in my Jeep and driving back home.

Liberty Cap Trail Sign by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

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