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Easter Jeep Safari Weekend | Sunday

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday, I woke up and broke down camp in the rain and snow. It had again rained most of the night. I didn’t have any specific plans for Sunday, but with the wet weather, I figured I’d make it a short day and head home early. After heading back north through Moab, I fueled up again and headed out of town on UT 128.

By the time I reached Castle Valley, the skies had actually started to clear.


One of the trails on my ‘to do’ list has been the Dolores River Overlook, so I decided to check out that trail before heading home. The trail is an easy road the whole way to the overlook, but the scenery is nice 🙂


View down on the Dolores River from the overlook


From the overlook I was also able to look down on the end of the Dolores River trail that takes off from Gateway, CO and ends at the mouth of Cottonwood Canyon, which I had checked out last spring.

After enjoying the scenery I turned around and was about to head back home, when I ran across the group from ExpeditionUtah that were running the Kokopelli trail that weekend. Greg invited me to join them for a bit, so I turned around and followed them to Rose Garden Hill.

Cody in front of me



Our whole group headed down towards Rose Garden Hill


Minor repairs on the trail


Kurt and Greg headed down Rose Garden Hill


Kurt lifting a tire on the way down


When we made it to Onion Creek Road, I parted ways and headed home, while the rest of the group went on to finish off the Kokopelli.

Fisher Valley


After returning to 128, I continued on my way home, thus ending my trip. Even though the weather sucked much of the weekend, it was great to get out and check out some new places in southeastern Utah again 🙂

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