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Mica Mine Hike

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Even though Amanda and I stayed home this weekend to get a bunch of stuff done around the house (and we did), we still needed to get out for a little bit. We haven’t hiked to Mica Mine yet this year, so we got up early this morning and spent a few hours in the Rough Canyon area. We were hoping the creek was still flowing in the canyon, but I guess it has been too dry lately and the creek was dry, so we did not bother hiking all the way to the waterfall past the mine.

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Mica Mine

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Amanda wanted to head back up to try and find the Mica Mine that we couldn’t find on Monday. Lucky for us, we did find it today. We had taken a wrong turn on Monday which led us up and out of the canyon.

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Grand Junction Exploring

IntrepidXpedition 2007 | Day 7 & 8
Wednesday & Thursday, July 25-26, 2007

Most of my day on Wednesday was spent at the UFWDA Annual Convention. However when we finished for the day, the only thing on my mind was heading out and exploring the area just outside of town. Right near the hotel that the convention was held at is an OHV area at the base of the Book Cliffs called The Grand Junction Desert. I started out by following 27.25 Road north. Eventually the pavement turned to gravel and then to a bumpier trail.

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Billings Canyon

MoabCO Trip 2006
Sunday, April 30, 2006

After running 21 Road the day before, Wally and I headed up to an even tougher trail called Billings Canyon which is located in the Bangs Canyon area. This trail started out mild, but got very tough once you reached the upper section. It was a good time, and I only had to winch up the final waterfall. The only carnage I had was a busted JKS control arm (this is the 2nd one I’ve broken now) and I added a little bend to my tie rod. I took quite a few photos throughout the day…

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