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The Skeeter Beater

The Skeeter Beater

I’m writing this short review to bring attention to a piece of gear that I have been using since last year that has worked out very well for me. I am not being compensated by the company in any way, I just like this product and wanted to share.

Occasionally when I am out camping alone, it’s quicker and easier for me to just sleep in the back of my Jeep rather than setting up a tent for only a few hours. After having an incident last summer where my Jeep became full of insects, I started looking around for a solution to this problem and found The Skeeter Beater. I’ve now been using these window screens since last summer and they have worked very well at keeping the bugs out but still letting air circulate when I sleep in the back of my Jeep.

These window screens are a pretty simple product that are comprised of a screen cut to the proper size and shape of your window with some magnets sewn around the perimeter. The installation is quick and easy since the magnets just stick to the outside of the vehicle and hold the screen in place. You just need to make sure to pull the edges tight so there are no gaps that will allow any bugs to get in. Taking them off in the morning is even quicker and easier since you can just pull them off. While they are installed on your vehicle you can still open and close the windows without effecting the screens. Below is a photo with both screens installed on the same side of my Jeep.

Skeeter Beater Installed

As you’ll notice in the photo above, a nice thing about the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK version of these window screens is that the front and back windows are roughly the same size, so I can use just one pair on either set of windows, or one of each if I prefer.

I highly recommend The Skeeter Beater to anyone that sleeps in the back of their vehicle and wants to keep the windows open without letting a bunch of bugs inside. Below is a photo of the storage pouch the window screens are stored in which is small enough to fit inside your glovebox or in the pockets on the back of the front seats.

Skeeter Beater Pouch

Now before someone out there leaves me a comment about it below- Yes, I know that a set of these window screens could be put together relatively easily for a lot less money (I believe this company even sells screens and magnets separately to build your own), but in this case I had no problem buying a ready-made product that fit my Jeep out of the box for a reasonable price.