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The Magic Light

People from all over the world try to get permits to the popular Coyote Buttes North area within the Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in northern Arizona, mainly so they can visit The Wave. Now don’t get me wrong, The Wave is an amazing feature and certainly a highlight of the area, but to be honest, I prefer to visit and explore other areas of this colorful sandstone wonderland when I am here.

Magic Light

One of my favorite things to do when I am in this area is to photograph what I have come to call The Magic Light. This light occurs in the area above The Wave and below Top Rock, especially over towards the Second Wave, during the morning hours when this area is completely in the shade and the sun is out. The Magic Light is created when warm light strikes the orange-colored Coyote Buttes to the west which is reflected back into into this area while cool blue light is reflected from the sky above. This soft light combination really helps to bring out the colors in the light-colored sandstone found here. It truly feels like a magical experience when I explore this area in the morning with my camera, and I haven’t found anywhere else like it!

Pastel Swirls

Forget The Wave, this Magic Light is what keeps bringing me back to Coyote Buttes North!

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