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Rock Hard 4×4 Oil Pan / Transmission Skid

I spent just over an hour this evening installing a Rock Hard 4×4 Oil Pan & Transmission Skid Plate on my new Jeep. I didn’t put one on my 2010 JK and I ended up having to replace the oil pan once because it got hit by a rock, so I thought it would be a good idea to get one on this Jeep right away. Also, this new Jeep has a cooler line that crosses below the transmission that looks like it could easily get snagged on something…

A photo before I added the skid plate. See that cooler line hanging down?
Oil Skid 1

Removed the stock crossmember that is supposed to offer some protection…
Oil Skid 2

The new skid plate that will be going in it’s place.
Oil Skid 3

After an easy install my oil pan and transmission are now protected.
Oil Skid 4