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November Moonrise

Back in November Jackson and I left work and went out to try and photograph the full moon rising over Mount Garfield and the Little Book Cliffs. Unfortunately, the sky was pretty hazy and we couldn’t even see the moon until it had come up a ways over the top of the Book Cliffs. Of course I still tried to take some photos, but I wasn’t happy with them at the time and never tried to process them when I got home. I actually had forgotten about them until today when I came across the folder on my hard drive. I decided to try processing one of the photos and I actually like the way it turned out in black and white.

Hazy Moonrise

I also took a photo of St. Mary’s Hospital with the Book Cliffs in the background while we were up there.

Hospital & Runways

I guess the moral of the story is if you aren’t happy with your photos when you take them, let them sit for a while and revisit them later…maybe you will change your mind!