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Dometic CFX-35US Refrigerator

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Update (3-21-18): Well, it’s been almost one full year since I got this refrigerator and I just wanted to update this post to let you know that I absolutely love having this fridge in the back of my Jeep and am glad that I got it. It’s so nice not having to deal with ice in a regular cooler. I would highly recommend Dometic for anyone looking to get a refrigerator in their vehicle without spending too much money.

I finally gave in and decided it’s time to try out a refrigerator in the back of my Jeep instead of using a cooler. After a lot of research (there are many options out there), I decided to go with the Dometic CFX-35US. It just arrived this afternoon so here are a few quick photos I took with my iPhone.

Right out of the box.

View inside after opening the top.

Should be plenty of room for our needs.

Plugged in in the back of the Jeep.

An overview so you can see how much room it takes up. It’s about the same size as the large cooler we were using on longer trips.

I also got the Dometic CFX-CVR35 Insulated Protective Cover to help protect and insulate the cooler.