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Colorado Fourteeners by Year

Six years ago I climbed my first Colorado fourteener and made a goal to climb one more each year (year two = 2 summits, year three = 3 summits, etc.) for at least the next five years. Last year I met that goal and decided to continue on for a sixth year. Yesterday I hiked to the summit of San Luis Peak, which is my sixth fourteener this year. From this point on I don’t plan to keeping up with this goal since there are plenty of other peaks and backpacking trips to keep me busy during the summer months and I don’t want to spend too much time concentrating on completing fourteeners. I’ll only be hiking a couple each year starting next summer, probably no more than five. I find that it’s nice to spread them out and enjoy them instead of knocking them out quickly like many people do.

Here’s a list of my 14er summits for the past 6 years.


1. Handies Peak


2. Mount Evans
3. Mount Sneffels


4. Uncompahgre Peak
5. Grays Peak
6. Torreys Peak


7. Mount Sherman
8. Quandary Peak
9. Mount Antero
10. Mount Princeton


11. Huron Peak
12. Mount Democrat
13. Mount Cameron
14. Mount Lincoln
15. Mount Bross


16. Redcloud Peak
17. Sunshine Peak
18. Castle Peak
19. Conundrum Peak
20. Wetterhorn Peak
21. San Luis Peak

Wetterhorn Peak Sunset