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…and we are (sort of) back!

If you hadn’t noticed, has been down for maintenance for over a week now! I had some issues with a number of photos that are hosted by Flickr that I needed to resolve and I have finally gotten that part taken care of. Unfortunately, fixing those photos has also broken them in the posts on this website and I am currently working on fixing those. There are a lot of them (I guess that’s what I get for taking so many photos!) and it’s going to take me a while.

In the meantime, if you come across a broken photo that you would like to see you should be able to click on it to see it over on Flickr. The image below shows what a broken photo looks like and if you click on the part circled in red you will be taken to that photo on Flickr.

Broken Photos

Currently I have fixed all of the Trip Reports from this year (2019) and am working my way backwards. I’ll post another status update when the process is completed. Thanks for you patience!