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President’s Day in Moab

Monday, February 15, 2010

My goal for President’s Day was to head out to Moab and to find some geocaches. However, there was more snow and ice around Moab than I had hoped for, which killed that idea, as I was not about to go digging in ice and snow looking for geocaches. I had started out on the Cotter Mine Road hoping to find some caches near the Monitor & Merrimac Buttes, but when I reached the turnoff, I quickly found out that it had not been traveled.

Along the Cotter Mine Road

Instead of breaking through the icy snow, I decided to loop around back to the highway and head to Arches National Park. When I arrived at the park, I made my way towards The Organ, where I parked my Jeep and started hiking up the Park Avenue trail.

Three Gossips and Baby Arch

Three Gossips

The Organ

Park Avenue


After hiking the two miles round trip and ending up at my Jeep again, I then headed over to Double Arch, which I had to myself.




After spending some quality time hanging out at Double Arch, I headed out of the park via the Willow Springs Road. It turned out to be a little bit muddy….




When I reached the highway again, I made my way to Moab and had a late lunch at Fiesta Mexicana after spending some quality time at a car wash… Of course, on my way back home I was tempted to head out to the Fisher Towers and got my Jeep a bit dirty again!




After a quick stop at the Dewey Bridge for some photos I was on my way home again, and another Moab day trip had come to an end 🙂

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