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Moab BogleyFest 2009 | Friday

Friday, November 6, 2009

On Friday, I got up early and made my way to Moab to meet up with some people from Bogley who would be canyoneering that weekend. I met up with them just before they headed out for their canyons for the day. Since I wasn’t ready to start canyoneering just yet, I found out where we would be meeting for dinner and then headed out with my Jeep to do some exploring.

I made my way north of Moab and turned off on the Gemini Bridges Road. When I reached Little Canyon, I turned off onto the Gold Bar Rim trail and then made another turn onto a trail I had not been on before, that crossed Little Canyon again and met up with Bull Canyon.


From this point, I got back on the Gemini Bridges Road and then explored a few more trails around Arths Pasture and the South Fork of Sevenmile Canyon. When I reached UT 313, I made my way towards Dead Horse State Park and then continued on the Long Canyon Road. Before descending Long Canyon, I took the spur trail out to Day Canyon Point.

Views from Day Canyon Point.



Then I headed down Long Canyon.




Jug Handle Arch

When I reached Moab again, I still had some time before sunset and dinner, so I headed to Arches National Park to watch the sunset. I headed to the Windows section of the park.

The sun through Turret Arch.


After the sun was down, I headed back into town and met up with the rest of the group and had a nice dinner at Fiesta Mexicana.

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