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Cedar Mesa | Arch Canyon Rim

Sunday, November 22, 2009

After hiking back to the Jeep from the House on Fire ruins, we continued on down the dirt road we had parked on which headed across Texas Flat and then followed near the rim of Arch Canyon. I ended up taking a spur that led us to a pretty cool overlook of Arch Canyon. The overlook was located just above where the 4×4 trail in the canyon ends near Cathedral Arch.

Great views into Arch Canyon from above…


There was even a set of old stairs installed to help you get further out.



If you look really close, you can just barely spot Cathedral Arch in the shadows below.


After making it back to the main road from the overlook spur, we continued on for a few more miles, but the road got progressively worse before dead-ending.

The final part of Sunday still to be continued…

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