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Thanksgiving on Comb Ridge | Sunday

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Still sore from the previous day’s hiking, we decided to run a local trail in the Jeep before heading home. Back in May we had run Arch Canyon for the first time, however it was cloudy and rainy much of the day. I wanted to head back with my new DSLR and a blue sky (though, we could have used some nice puffy white clouds). Amanda hasn’t driven my Jeep much in the past, but she wanted to drive this trail to the end. She was a bit nervous at first but was much more comfortable by the end. I got to ride along and relax for most of the trail 🙂

Amanda dropping into one of the numerous crossings along this trail


Headed up canyon



A good place to stop for some pictures



Surprisingly, we also encountered a little bit of carnage on this trail. We were driving along and heard a loud snap when we hit a bump, followed by a noise every time the passenger side front coil spring flexed and compressed. It sounded like something was stuck inside the coil, so I got out to investigate…


That’s right…..the smaller coil on top snapped off and now the coil was sitting up higher on the body. The Jeep still drove fine, it was just a few inches lower on the passenger side now. The good news is that just today I received word that Rubicon Express will be replacing my coils under their limited lifetime warranty. Happy to see a company stand behind their products 🙂

Shortly after the coil snapping we reached the end of the motorized trail through Arch Canyon near Cathedral Arch.


Cathedral Arch



Trail on the way back out


Just a cool reflection in a puddle


If you look closely in this picture, you can see a few small Anasazi ruins along the cliff behind my Jeep


Crooked Jeep and Comb Ridge in the background on our way back home


On our way back home we headed up US 191 to I-70, but with a small detour down the Thompson Cutoff Road


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