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The Badlands

Sunday, January 14, 2007

After waking up to bad weather this morning I almost considered not going wheeling today. Thankfully I didn’t, because Joe and I had an awesome time at The Badlands. The weather cleared up shortly after getting there and the temperature was in the 40’s and pretty nice. We spent plenty of time on the rocks, which is always a good thing. I also finally made it up Rock Face, which I have been trying for over a year to do! Enjoy the pictures…

Rainy weather when we arrived (we had the whole park to ourselves most of the day)






Grind. Grind.

Tires spinning on Rock Face

Something missing?

There it is! Yes, I finished Dirty Steve’s Revenge with only one coil and didn’t notice…but neither did Joe!

Flexed up to re-install the coil

Joe even got pictures of me finishing the trail without the coil, and neither of us noticed. My Jeep drives pretty good with only one coil spring 😉

Plenty more pictures here:

…and here:

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