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Goodbye Moab (Buds)

Moab | August 20, 2005 – May 9, 2024

Many tears were shed today as we said our final goodbyes to Moab (Buds) who will be greatly missed around our house. He was only a few months away from turning 19 years old and has been with me since he was a 6 week old kitten. He was the sweetest and friendliest cat I’ve ever known and I couldn’t have asked for a better hip-cat all of these years.

Here are a couple photos of Moab from the last few months that are currently on my phone.


Our little cinnamon roll.

He liked laying on my upper chest when I was sitting on the couch watching TV.

Here he is sitting at the end of my desk while I am probably working on photos.

Caught in a yawn.

He liked to steal Diane’s heating pad.

He also liked to crawl under the covers of our bed while we were at work during the day.

Goodbye Moab, I am really going to miss you!


Published on May 9, 2024