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Monthly Odometer: April 2015

April started out slow for me, but I managed to rack up some miles in Grand Gulch at the end of the month to try and make up for it. I’m surprised that I had more miles backpacking this month than regular hiking.

Hiking: 22.8
Backpacking: 45.7

Total Miles for April: 68.5

March Total: 61.5 miles
February Total: 36.2 miles
January Total: 37.7 miles

2015 Total: 203.9 miles

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I’m back home from four days of backpacking in the lower portion of Grand Gulch and thought I’d share one of the many photos that I took. Plenty more photos will be in the trip report, but I’m not sure when it will be ready since I’m heading back down to Cedar Mesa on Thursday evening for another backpacking trip into Grand Gulch.

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OR-FAB Crossmember

I just spent the evening installing an OR-FAB Heavy Duty Crossmember under my Jeep. As you can see from the photos below, my Jeep was long overdue for an upgrade since I have dragged the stock crossmember over plenty of rocks! This new crossmember is constructed out of thicker steel so it won’t bend like the stock one did.

You can sort of see how mangled the stock crossmember is under my Jeep in this photo.


Old one and new one. Big difference!

New and Old

The new crossmember installed. Much better 🙂


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