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2013 Ouray Visitor’s Guide

While I was in Ouray this past weekend for the Ice Festival (which was a lot of fun, stay tuned for the trip report!), I made sure to pickup a copy of the 2013 Ouray Visitor’s Guide since they licensed a few photos from me to use in it this year. I took a few quick photos to share.

Ouray Visitor's Guide 2013 Cover

They used two of my photos on the cover of the Visitor’s Guide which is pretty cool. The photo of my Jeep was taken along Mineral Creek on my way to Engineer Pass and photo of the ice climber was taken at last year’s Ice Festival in Ouray.

Ouray Visitor's Guide 2013 - TOC

The large two-page spread behind the Table of Contents is one of my photos overlooking the Red Mountains near Corkscrew Pass. If you look behind the table of contents you can see my Jeep Cherokee hidden behind the text. I guess both of my Jeeps made it into the Visitor’s Guide this year.

Ouray Visitor's Guide 2013 - Roadways

My Jeep makes another appearance on Activities and Adventure page next to the ‘Roadways’ section. I guess it fits right in since my ADVENTR license plate is front and center. This photo was taken along the Imogene Pass road.

Ouray Visitor's Guide 2013 - Durango

Here’s one last page with two more of my photos. The first one is the closeup of the Durango & Silverton train that I took this past fall in Silverton. The last image is one of my favorites from the Colorado National Monument showing a switchback of Rim Rock Drive with some monsoonal storm clouds and a rainbow above.

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Colorado Life Magazine

Anasazi Photography: Blog Images &emdash;

I finally got my hands on a copy of the latest Colorado Life Magazine yesterday. I’ve been looking forward to reading this issue since it features one of my images taken last February at the Colorado National Monument when fog filled the canyons after a light snow. I really think the photo looks great as a two-page spread which opens up the article. There are plenty of other great photos of the Monument from other excellent Colorado-based photographers as well.

If you are interested in picking up a copy for yourself, below is the cover of the January / February 2013 issue that contains my image and the article about the Colorado National Monument in the winter. Click on the cover for more information or to subscribe at Colorado Life Magazine’s website.

Anasazi Photography: Blog Images &emdash;

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First Night Out

I received my copy of the March issue of Backpacker Magazine in the mail today and wanted to share this short section about about my first backpacking trip. Last year I decided to try my hand at backpacking for the very first time so I could start hiking to places that are beyond a typical day-hike. I had a nice time and went on two other backpacking trips and am now looking forward to going on a few more this year.

I’d like to thank my friend Jared for providing the photo of me that they used.

Backpacker March 2013

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River of Fire

River of Fire

This is an image that is fresh off my camera from this morning. After scouting a new location along the Colorado River before sunrise, I was chased away by some duck hunters. Well, they didn’t actually chase me away, but based on where I was and where they were, I didn’t think it was a good idea to stick around and take my chances. I didn’t have much time before the sun was scheduled to come up at this point, so I quickly drove back to Grand Junction to an area I drove by a few days ago that I wanted to return for a sunrise or sunset. I’m glad I did, especially with the very cold weather we’ve been having lately which caused fog to rise off the river. By the time I took this image I couldn’t feel my fingers, but I think it was worth it. I love the warm back-lighting of the fog above the icy river.

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My Ten Favorite Trip Reports of 2012

Throughout the year I take many trips to different locations on the Colorado Plateau, Rocky Mountains and beyond. Most of them are weekend or day trips, but I try and get a few longer trips in each year, too. These trips are where most of the photos on this site come from, however, I take plenty of other photos to document the trips as well. It was difficult to choose just ten, but below are my favorite ten trip reports from this past year. You might notice a common theme among some of them because I took a few trips down to The Paria Plateau.


>> Life & Death | Coyote Buttes North

This trip report is dedicated to my mom, Kathy Langstraat, who passed away around the same time.

Second Wave


>> Annular Solar Eclipse & The Paria Plateau

What a great coincidence! I managed to get permits to Coyote Buttes North the same weekend of the Annular Solar Eclipse down in the same area. What a great way to spend a weekend!

Annular Solar Eclipse 2012


>> Basin Wildflower Tour

This year I set out specifically to photograph wildflowers for the first time. Even though it was a bad year for wildflowers, I think I managed to get a few nice photos. Plus Amanda and I spent a nice day searching for the flowers. At least I got some good practice for next year!

Flowers & Falls


>> The Elusive Horse Canyon

I’ve been trying to get back into Horse Canyon for years, but the road had been closed for a while. When I got word that the road had reopened this summer, I quickly obtained a permit and invited a couple of close friends. We had a very nice weekend searching for ruins and rock art. I’m glad that I didn’t delay, because about two weeks later a flash flood closed the road again. Who knows when it will reopen again?

Salt Creek Sunrise


>> Paradise Divide

Amanda and I spent a wonderful weekend camping at the Paradise Divide in July. There was some nice light and a few rainbows that showed up during the sunset.

Mount Baldy


>> Clear Lake & Ice Lake Basin

This year I finally tried my hand at backpacking, and I liked it. I managed to go on three different backpacking trips, but this one to Ice Lake Basin in the San Juan Mountains was my favorite.

Clear Lake


>> Ruby – Horsethief Canyons

It was nice to get on the river a few times this summer, but this two night trip with Jackson was a great time.



>> Once in a Blue Moon | The Arizona Strip

Jared and I spent this long weekend exploring The Arizona Strip. Not only did my Jeep get stuck in quicksand, but we witnessed some of the most amazing monsoonal sunsets.



>> Fall Colors in the Elk Mountains

I spent a few weekends chasing fall colors this year, but my favorite one was when I camped near Kebler Pass in the Elk Mountains.



>> The Paria Plateau

Amanda and I spent one last weekend down on the Paria Plateau this year with another visit to Coyote Buttes North. Again, we had some amazing weather conditions, even if it was a little cold.

Second Wave Storm

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