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Mesa County Old Courthouse Art Exhibit


I just wanted to give anyone in Grand Junction and the rest of the Grand Valley a heads up that I will have a few photos on display at the Mesa County Old Courthouse (544 Rood Avenue) through the end of March. The display is located on the third floor just outside of the Commissioners offices and features a 24×36″ gallery wrap of the photo above, plus five others in smaller sizes.

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Bag Night Challenge 2014

High Spur Camp

For the past couple of years I have been keeping track of my nights spent camping throughout the year over on Backcountrypost. It’s just a friendly competition that helps motivate us all to get out more. You can find this years post where we kept track of our nights here.

In 2014 I managed to spent 50 nights out under the stars and I was also able to spend at least one night out each month of the year.

This is my final count:

Total: 50 Nights

  • January 31 – February 2 | Stateline | 2 Nights
  • March 14-16 | Johns Canyon & Butler Wash | 2 Nights
  • March 29-30 | The Wedge | 1 Night
  • April 18-19 | No Thoroughfare Canyon | 1 Night
  • April 30 – May 4 | Salt Creek Canyon | 4 Nights
  • May 11-14 | Montezuma Canyon & The San Juan River | 3 Nights
  • May 23-26 | High Spur, Millard Canyon & Maze Overlook | 3 Nights
  • June 7-8 | Black Canyon of the Gunnison | 1 Night
  • June 21-22 | Ouray Amphitheater | 1 Night
  • June 28-29 | Firehole Canyon | 1 Night
  • July 12-13 | South Fork Clear Creek | 1 Night
  • July 18-20 | South Fork Mineral Creek | 2 Nights
  • July 26-27 | Mineral Basin | 1 Night
  • July 29-30 | Kite Lake | 1 Night
  • August 2-3 | Blue Lakes | 1 Night
  • August 9-10 | Lead King Basin | 1 Night
  • August 16-17 | Lake Fork | 1 Night
  • August 22-26 | Devils Fire, Whitney Portal, Whitney Trail Camp, Amargosa Desert | 4 Nights
  • August 30 – September 1 | Wetterhorn Basin & Mineral Basin | 2 Nights
  • September 12-14 | The White Rim | 2 Nights
  • September 20-21 | Gray Copper Gulch | 1 Night
  • September 27-28 | Prince Creek | 1 Night
  • October 4-11 | The Gulch, Egypt (x2), Fortymile Ridge, Coyote Gulch, Harris Wash, Little Spencer Flat | 7 Nights
  • October 24-26 | Devils Kitchen | 2 Nights
  • November 27-30 | Natural Bridges National Monument | 3 Nights
  • December 5-6 | Knowles Canyon Overlook | 1 Night

Diane is also pretty happy since she kept track of her nights camping this year, too. She ended up camping 24 of these nights with me.

Not sure if I’ll be able to beat this number in 2015, but I’ll sure try!

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Soft Lines

I have been going through my photos from my recent trip to northern Arizona and have found quite a few that I like. I just wanted to share this one since it’s one of my favorites so far. This image was taken in Coyote Buttes North near the Second Wave while this area was still mostly in the shade. The tops of the ridges have kept the cooler tones of the shaded light because they were not catching any of the warmer light that was reflecting off the red sandstone across the canyon. I love the contrast between the warmer and cooler tones in this image.


Soft Lines

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Ring Arch Partial Collapse

Last week I went on my annual Christmas trip to Arches National Park and made sure to revisit Ring Arch since I had learned that it had partially collapsed in the past few months, too. This is a photo from Christmas 2014 showing what Ring Arch looks like now.

Ring Arch by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

This is a photo I took of Ring Arch on my Christmas Trip in 2012 before the collapse. I didn’t have a matching angle, but you can still tell that it lost quite a bit of rock!

Ring Arch – Before by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

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Horseshoe Bend in a Snowstorm

While I was in northern Arizona earlier in the week a rare snowstorm came through the area and dumped a decent amount of snow on the ground. It made for some fun hiking. One thing I realized while it was snowing was that I didn’t recall ever seeing a photo of Horseshoe Bend covered in snow. I headed over there during the snowstorm and made this image. I think it’s pretty unique!

Horseshoe Bend Snowstorm by IntrepidXJ, on Flickr

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