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The Omens Tour

Normally I would have left right after work on Friday to spend the next week exploring the canyons of the Colorado Plateau, but since this concert is happening on Sunday evening I decided to stick around to catch Motionless In White and Killswitch Engage, especially since I was supposed to see Motionless in White back in March, but they were unable to perform that day. Hopefully the weather holds out this evening and this show doesn’t get cancelled or shut down early…

Update: Thanks to a weather-related delay, Motionless In White was cut from this show and Killswitch Engage’s set was cut a bit short, so this is now the second time this year we didn’t get to see Motionless In White…

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Kingdom of Giants, Currents & Miss May I

Well, I’m leaving work early today so I can drive up to Salt Lake City to catch Kingdom of Giants, Currents, Miss May I and LANDMVRKS in concert. I am a huge fan of Kingdom of Giants’ latest album ‘Passenger’ and am really looking forward to seeing them play some songs off it, finally! Maybe I’ll do something outdoors on my way back home Wednesday…

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The third iteration of the ADVENTR Jeep is finally here! I ordered it back at the end of December and it took just under six months to get built and shipped to Grand Junction. Yes, it looks very similar to my previous two Jeeps, but I guess that’s because I know exactly what I want!

While my 2016 JK definitely treated me well these past 6 years, with almost 170,000 miles on the odometer it was time for me to move on to something newer. Now I’m looking forward to this one taking me all over the Colorado Plateau and greater Southwest!

Ordered: 12-29-21
Built: 3-22-22
Delivered: 5-11-22