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Friday & Sunday, September 15 & 17, 2017

Unusual goblins under a stormy sky near the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area.

After hiking to the summit of Corcoran Point from the Tellerico Trail in the Book Cliffs two years ago, I got a nice view of Corcoran Peak (8,076) and thought it would be a good peak close to home to try climbing another time. Since we were staying around home this weekend to go to a concert on Saturday, I thought it would be a good idea to head out to the Little Book Cliffs after work on Friday, catch the sunset, spend the night and then climb Corcoran Peak on Saturday morning before going to the concert. The plan was going well until after sunset when it started to rain pretty heavily. This is not an area you want to be in when the roads get wet, so I ended up heading home instead of camping and then returning late Sunday morning to try the climb again.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Sunday we headed up near the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area to visit a small area known as The Goblins.

Headed towards South Shale Ridge

Colorful South Shale Ridge

First view of The Goblins. From the road they look a little interesting, but if you walk around them you can find a few cool formations.

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