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President’s Day Weekend | Saturday – Monday, February 18-20, 2017

I finally made it to the Hobbs Wash Ruins this weekend while avoiding storms in the area.

This holiday weekend was supposed to be our first camping trip of the year, but the wet weather forecast made me rethink those plans at the last minute. Throughout the prior week and up until Friday the forecast was calling for 90-100% chance of rain and snow on Cedar Mesa and the surrounding area for Saturday and Sunday. I was about to cancel the trip altogether and stay home, but I decided to check hotel rates in Blanding on Friday afternoon and found a King Suite at the Rodeway Inn for $36 a night. At that price I couldn’t pass it up and figured that even if the weather didn’t cooperate with us, at least we’d have a nice getaway for the long weekend that wouldn’t cost very much. I am glad we still went because we had an awesome time and the weather really didn’t interfere too much.

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Memorial Day Weekend | Saturday, May 29, 2010

On Saturday morning we headed out on our annual Memorial Day weekend trip to the Comb Ridge and Cedar Mesa area in Southeastern Utah. As usual, we would be meeting up with our friend Jared for the weekend and heading out to find some ruins.

After the drive down to Comb Wash and setting up camp, we headed out to check out some ruins that Jared had spotted along Highway 95 not too far from camp. We parked off the highway and made our way to the rim of the small canyon where we quickly spotted the ruins. We had to hike down the rim of the canyon to reach the bottom so we could hike back up a little bit in order to reach them.

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Saturday & Sunday, May 24-25, 2008

Unfortunately since Amanda has to work on the holiday, we only had a normal weekend to go exploring, but we managed to make the most of it.

After heading out after work and driving straight through to Blanding, where we filled up with gas, we made it to Comb Wash campground and managed to setup camp right before it started raining. We knew there might be a chance of rain, but it actually ended up raining all night….and pretty hard, too.

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