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Summit Log

I have created this ‘Summit Log’ page in order to help me keep track of all the mountain summits that I have reached in Colorado and the surrounding states. Plus, I figured that having this page up is good motivation for me to add many more peaks to the list! To help keep things organized, I have grouped the peaks by state first, and then I divided Colorado into a few different elevation ranges (14ers, 13ers, 12ers) since this is the state that will have the most. I’ve also included the elevation of each peak with a link to the appropriate trip report so that you can easily find photos and a little information about each adventure. While many people work on completing certain checklists (14ers, Centennials, High Points), I prefer climb mountains that are interesting to me and I don’t really follow any checklist, which is while you will see peaks from many different elevation ranges.

Before we get into the list, I think I need to explain my personal criteria for adding a summit to this list since many people have different ‘rules’ on what they need to accomplish in order to count a peak. For example, some people subscribe to the 3,000 foot ‘rule’ which means they must climb at least 3,000 feet for a peak to count. My personal criteria is very simple and I really only have one ‘rule’ I just need to stand on the summit of the mountain to count it. To me, it doesn’t matter how many feet I climb or how close I am able to drive to the top. I’m not out to set any records or anything, I’m just out there to enjoy the beautiful mountains and views that Colorado has to offer. Now don’t get me wrong, as you can tell from my website I enjoy hiking and backpacking, but if I’m able to legally drive my Jeep within a couple hundred feet of the summit, then that’s what I’m going to do so I can squeeze in more adventure into my trips. Besides, I also enjoy using my Jeep to explore the many miles of trails in the backcountry and don’t particularly enjoy hiking on roads.

Follow this link for a little more detailed breakdown of these summits: LOJ Member Stats





14ers (14,000+)

13ers (13,000 – 13,999)

12ers (12,000 – 12,999)

11ers (11,000 – 11,999)

10ers (10,000 – 10,999)

Below 10k (4,500 – 9,999)



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