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Teraflex JK Rear Utility Cargo Rack

I had installed a Tuffy Security Deck Enclosure in the back of my old Jeep that helped me organize gear on my trips. It worked OK, but it also prevented me from being able to sleep in the back of my Jeep and I was just never really happy with the setup so I decided that I wasn’t going to put it back in my new Jeep.

Still looking for a solution to help organize my gear I came across the Teraflex JK Rear Utility Cargo Rack and thought it might work for me. What I liked about this one is that it attaches to the roll bar and doesn’t mount down to the floor, plus it’s height is adjustable so I can keep it at it’s highest setting and still comfortably sleep in the back of the Jeep when I need to.

I received the rack on Tuesday and got it installed in the back of my Jeep yesterday. It was a little tedious assembling the rack itself, but easy enough to install in the Jeep. I guess only time will tell how well this rack works out for me.

Here’s a few iPhone photos of the rack in my Jeep…

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