I wasn’t originally planning on going to this show because I was supposed to be on the San Juan River until later today, but since we got off the river a day early (more about that in the upcoming trip report) we are now going to see Hawthorne Heights tonight at the Mesa Theater!

Top Shelf Ruins

Just another interesting pair of ruins I visited over the past weekend in Bears Ears National Monument. I’m hoping that I’ll have a little time on Saturday to visit a few more new ruins before getting on the San Juan River for a few days.

Diane was just notified yesterday that she has won a VIP experience to Warped Tour in Salt Lake City this year, which includes side stage access to watch the bands and allows us to attend a BBQ with the bands after the show! This will be the second year in a row we will be heading to Warped Tour with a VIP experience since I won the same contest last year. We were already looking forwards to seeing a bunch of bands playing Warped Tour in a few weeks and this only makes it even better! It should be a great time!