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OutdoorX4 Magazine

It’s official! My Jeep is famous!

It’s going to be appearing on the cover of the very first issue of OutdoorX4 Magazine which has just shipped out to subscribers and stores. It should be on the shelves in about 2 weeks. I have also provided a few other photos for the issue and should be a regular contributor in future issues.

If you like to spend time outdoors and use a 4×4 vehicle to get out there, make sure to check out this new magazine.


Anasazi Photography: Blog Images &emdash;

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My Ten Favorite Trip Reports of 2013

It was hard to narrow the selection down, but here are my ten favorite trip reports from 2013!


Clearing Storm

Kohta Circus & Little Finland

Sky Rock

Happy Canyon & Poison Springs

Mount Sherman & Quandary Peak

Stormy San Juan Mountains

Mount Antero & Mount Princeton


Waterfalls & Rainbows

Coyote Buttes North & Willis Creek

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