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1,000 Trip Reports!

Earlier this week hit a pretty big milestone when I posted the latest Trip Report from Mee Canyon since it’s the 1,000th Trip Report I have posted to this blog! Yes, I’ve been doing this a LONG TIME! I started posting Trip Reports online way back in 2002 before social media and even blogging really existed the way they do now. Back then I had to manually code the HTML pages to display my photos and reports. Although many of my older Trip Reports aren’t much more than pretty terrible point-and-shoot photos with a brief and poorly-written description, I think my photos and writing have gotten much better over the past ten years.

I hope you enjoy reading them as I enjoy making them. Here’s to another 1,000!



  1. Jeff
    Jeff May 7, 2020

    Always look forward to reading your trip reports when they hit my email, keep up the inspiration!

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