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My Ten Favorite Trip Reports of 2019

It’s the last day of the year, so I think now is a good time to look back and choose my ten favorite trip reports from 2019. As usual, we went on a lot of great trips this year so it was difficult to choose only a few, but these ten trip reports below really stood out the most from all the rest. Click on the title to see the full trip report and enjoy!

If you are interested in checking out my favorite trip reports from previous years, you can find those here:  [2018]  [2017]  [2016]  [2015]  [2014]  [2013]  [2012]  [2011]


This was an amazing weekend spent exploring the Paria Plateau back in January with a spectacular sunrise that I still haven’t forgotten about!


Although the concert we were going to in Las Vegas was cancelled, we had a great time exploring the Mojave Desert instead.


This year on our annual spring backpacking trip we found some really great rock art and ruins in Canyonlands National Park.


We were happy to finally make it to Keet Seel this year and it was a really good time!


This trip has been on my bucket list for a long time and this year I was finally able to catch some water though the Chute of Muddy Creek, and it was spectacular!


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Bag Night Challenge 2019

Big Dominguez Camp

Since I am positive that I am now done camping for the remainder of the year after spending this past weekend in a yurt at Goblin Valley, I’ll go ahead and post up my total nights spent camping in 2019. While I didn’t beat my total nights from last year, I did tie that number which is just as good! We had a great year in 2019 and I am looking forward to keeping things going in 2020 and the new decade!

Photos from many of our campsites can be found here: Campsites of 2019

You can check out my previous years at the links below:  

[2018]  [2017]  [2016]  [2015]  [2014]  [2013]  [2012]


Total Bag Nights: 80

January 18 – 21|Squaw Flat|3 Nights
January 24 – 27|Paria Plateau|3 Nights
March 14 – 17|The Needles|3 Nights
March 22 – 24|The Needles|2 Nights
April 5 – 6|Flat Top|1 Night
April 10 – 14|Salt Creek Canyon|4 Nights
April 19 – 21|Bears Ears|2 Nights
April 24 – 25|Sand Island|1 Night
May 3 – 5|Dinosaurland|2 Nights
May 10 – 13|San Juan River|3 Nights
May 18 – 19|Big Dominguez Canyon|1 Night
May 24 – 26|Cedar Mesa|2 Nights
May 30 – June 2|Navajo National Monument|3 Nights
June 7 – 8|Hondu Country|1 Night
June 14 – 16|Dolores River|2 Nights
June 21 – 23|Buckhorn Wash & Price River|2 Nights
June 28 – 30|Fantasy Canyon & White River|2 Nights
July 3 – 4|Dominguez Rim|1 Night
July 5 – 6|Miners Basin|1 Night
July 13 – 14|Crater Lake|1 Night
July 19 – 21|West Mancos River|2 Nights
July 21 – 22|Jersey Jim Fire Lookout Tower|1 Night
July 26 – 27|Spring Creek Pass|1 Night
July 27 – 28|Middle Cottonwood Creek|1 Night
August 2 – 3|Corkscrew Pass|1 Night
August 10 – 11|Frenchman Creek|1 Night
August 21 – 24|Wind Rivers|3 Nights
Aug 30 – Sept 1|Beartown & West Ute Lake|2 Nights
September 6 – 8|Peru Creek & Soda Creek|2 Nights
September 8 – 9|Longs Peak Campground|1 Night
September 13 – 14|Ingram Basin|1 Night
September 21 – 22|Fancy Lake|1 Night
September 27 – 29|Big Spencer Flat|2 Nights
September 29 – 30|Escalante River|1 Night
Sept 30 – Oct 2|McGath Point Bench|2 Nights
October 2 – 3|Wolverine Loop|1 Night
October 3 – 4|Horse Canyon|1 Night
October 4 – 5|Holt Draw|1 Night
October 24 – 26|Havasu Canyon|2 Nights
November 2 – 3|Whitbeck Rock|1 Night
November 8 – 11|Muddy Creek & Chimney Canyon|3 Nights
November 15 – 17|Range Creek Canyon|2 Nights
November 22 – 24|Big Flat|2 Nights
December 6 – 7|Whitbeck Rock|1 Night
December 13 – 15|Labyrinth & Big Flat|2 Nights
December 27 – 29|Goblin Valley Yurt|2 Nights
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