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Bag Night Challenge: 2019

For a couple of years I have been keeping track of all my ‘bag nights’ and then posting the total at the end of the year on my microBLOG. Last year I’ve decided to try changing things up a bit and kept a running total throughout the year posted on this page and I think it worked out pretty well, so I’m going to continue doing it again this year. While I managed to camp 80 nights last year, I don’t think I will be able to keep that up again this year and am hoping to just hit 50 nights in 2019.

If you are interested in checking out my previous year totals, you can find those below:

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This friendly competition of keeping track of ‘bag nights’ started a number of years back on the forum at Backcountry Post, and I follow the very simple ground rules that were set up over there:

There are no official rules, but a bag night here is typically defined by a night out camping in some form. It doesn’t matter if you sleep on a tarp, in a tent, or in the back of your vehicle. It’s more of an attitude thing. If you are outside to enjoy nature, if it’s camping, then it’s a bag night.


Total Bag Nights: 6

January 18 – 21|Squaw Flat|3 Nights
January 24 – 27|Paria Plateau|3 Nights



Squaw Flat Campsite

Squaw Flat Campsite


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